Hawthorn 2022 Adidas Kids Indigenous Guernsey

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Barrmarrany Miirlarl  

Meaning family - special place 

For our 2022 Indigenous Guernsey, Hawthorn have collaborated with popular Indigenous Australian Art business, Miimi & Jiinda, founded by Aboriginal mother and daughter, Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood.  

This specially created painting depicts the core values, ethos and heart of the Hawthorn Football Club community. It shows everyone coming together as one and has all the elements of the Australian landscape including land, sea, waterways, flora, fauna, sun, moon and stars.  

The front of our guernsey tells the story of the Hawthorn community coming together from different homes and tribes across our country. We see the journey of all the families travelling under the sun or the stars to gather in a central meeting place. Mother Earth features at the bottom to show that we are all born from the same place despite coming from all walks of life. This is represented by the different watering holes in the background. 

The back of our guernsey is reflective of giving back to the community, which is the very backbone of Hawthorn Football Club.  

The circle representing family sits on the inside neck of our guernsey. It’s located on the highest point of the guernsey, which speaks to family being the highest priority, sitting above all else.  

"We love that it is unique, it’s a beautiful mix of feminine and masculine tones and textiles, and it carries a powerful message and story. We worked closely with the team to ensure they felt their voices and connection was portrayed in the design and they felt proud to wear it."

Melissa Greenwood and Lauren Jarrett, Miimi & Jiinda