Hawthorn Hawks Ladies Down Vest

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Hawthorn Football Club Ladies Down Vest

  • Down is a layer of fine feathers and clusters underneath tougher exterior feathers
  • Down Puffer Jackets have quickly become a global fashion trend and a wardrobe staple 
  • The loose structure of down feathers traps air these air pockets create a barrier between the wearer and the environment
  • Down is the most efficient and comfortable insulation providing an extermely high warmth to weight ratio
  • Down can compress mush easier that its synthetic competitors
  • Down will retain its shape over time and is more durable than synthetic insulation
  • Compressible yet durable down fill
  • Contour exterior feathers  fine down feathers
  • Insulation that lasts
  • Repels the cold and retains the heat

Down Jacket Construction

  • Shell - Polyester
  • Lining  - Nylon
  • Fill - 90% down 10% feather