Hawthorn 2024 ISC Retro Guernsey

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Hawthorn 2024 ISC Retro Guernsey

Chosen by the Hawks supporters, the 2024 Retro Guernsey design takes it back to the clash guernsey from 2011 to 2014 during the formation years of our 3-peat era featuring the ‘Menacing Hawk’.

The formidable Hawk with wings unfurled, dominates the chest of the jumper. The Hawk’s wingspan artfully forms a captivating ‘v’ shape, vividly capturing the essence of a Hawk in dynamic flight.

Click here to add your favourite players number to the back of your Retro Guernsey!

Design features:

  • Fully Sublimated
  • Traditional vee neckline with front insert for superior comfort
  • Shaped side panels and ergonomically positioned shoulder seams optimise the fit
  • Dropped rear hem provides comfortable coverage
  • ‘Menacing Hawk’ graphic on the inside of neck
  • Colour: Hawks Brown/Hawks Gold Gentle machine wash in warm water

(No reviews yet) Write a Review